Glentress Trail Half Marathon

Total Ascent:

21k:  750m/2,460′                

 Terrain: The Tower Trail & Black mtb trail incorporates several long and continuous steep slopes for over 500m. There’s a great variety of forest singletrack, a few sections of open moorland & a few short muddy section

Well it was wet, windy, muddy…..and an awesome run. The event was extremely well organised by High Terrain Events, and well attended, despite the poor weather! Some sections were on hard forest trails, other sections cutting though the woods in gloopy mud. Heading up to the tower involved literally running up through a stream and once out of the woods and getting into the snowline the temperatures fell….and so did lots of the runners – slippy is an understatement!

So I finished in a time of 2hrs 23:38, finishing 122 out of 394 which I was more than happy with.

So, now the bike training can begin in prep for the John O’Groats the Lands End this summer…..bring it on!


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