Knockburn Duathlon

So, if 112.5 miles wasn’t enough, the following day I was entered for the Knockburn Duathlon with Rob MacLeod. The morning began with the kids Duathlon, with our lads doing themselves proud, with a 4th and 6th place in their age group. Well done lads – won’t be long before you are giving the dad’s a run for their money!

The weather was stunning and as I put together my winter bike, complete with panniers (this is the bike I’m using on the JOGLE ride in the summer), I couldn’t help but notice the expensive, lightweight machines around me – both bikes and riders! “Well, it’s a good training opportunity” I kept telling myself, although I did wonder if my lighter summer bike would have been a better choice. I did take my lights off to save on weight though.

Not quite knowing how my legs would fare, I didn’t risk a warm up run – t least on the start line I would have no option to head straight for the cafe if they felt bad. At the line up I lost sight of Rob – last seen heading towards the cafe (having hinted that he would definately finish before me, this had me thinking……the sneaky ******). 3, 2, 1….go…..and no sign of Rob. 2 laps of 2.5Km for the first run and after hearing Rob was just behind me from the supporting families I headed to the transition to pick up the bike. How would my legs feel? How would my bum feel after yesterdays ride?

The ride turned out to be pretty good, and I have to admit to taking some pleasure at passing people on my heavy winter bike. Taking a steady pace I completed the 17Km ride feeling supprisingly good, and after a quick transition it was 2 more laps of the running route.

Finishing (that was the aim) 21st in category – and I wasn’t happy that I’m not a veteran – with a time of 1:19:20 – I was happy enough with that. Rob came in just behind. Legs 9and bum) felt good, infact better than they felt before the run.

Knockburn Loch is a stunning venue (https://www.knockburn.co.uk/) , and I look forward to racing there again in the future.

Photo’s coutesy of AB21 Photogrpahy (https://www.facebook.com/AB21-Photography-973347649381257/?hc_ref=SEARCH)

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