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So, we have bikes, we have Giordana and Rudy Project cycling kit and we have Columbia bad weather kit. We almost have a route which we will be posting once we have finalised a few bits.

John has been to the NW of Scotland getting in some training rides – if you ever get chance then head up to the NW coast – quiet roads, amazing scenery, and the weather isn’t too bad either (if you are lucky anyway).2017-04-22 23_39_51-Scourie Stoer loop 60 miles _ Strava Route


Mixed in with the riding John got in a few days sea kayaking too – a short clip from the trip can be seen below.

Justin has been putting in some serious miles and has recce’d part of the route from Stoke to Chepstowe…

2017-04-22 23_44_05-JOGLE training ..;) head wind all the way _ Ride _ Strava

…and Chepstowe to near Exeter:

2017-04-22 23_44_38-JOGLE training day 2 _ Ride _ Strava

Feedback from the route was that is was a great ride, but we might want to miss out the hill at Symonds Yat……

So whats next?

This week we will be booking the accommodation and hopefully finalising the route – as soon as this is done it will be posted on this site, so keep your eyes peeled. We will also be setting up a ‘Just Giving’ page to help raise some much-needed funds for the Royal Stoke Radiotherapy Department to help them to buy a Verathon Bladder scanner. Please support us by donating whatever you can to help fund this vital piece of equipment once the ‘Just Giving’ page is live. Thank-you.

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